Yet? (97/101)

Have you lost it yet Is your mind not yet racingOr your fear not replacingAll the peace of mindYou were Cultivating Is your world not yet spinningOr your senses greatly thinningWhile every word we hearIs not Enough Do you stop just to wonderWhat if we are led asunderAnd the voices in their headsAbout toScream Is... Continue Reading →

What a Lovely Evening (96/101)

The varnish on the tables Polished to shine like moonstones Beneath the candles flame Dance all night and forever What is that sonata called In the tune of G Each note sprinkled through the air Falling weightless on surrounding ears Wafting through the voices Nourishment to accompany These deep reds And sweet blushes Are her... Continue Reading →

The Loop (95/101)

We can go round like this all day  but then we wont get anywhere. The grey on grey on grey swallows us all so we keep going round and round.  An opening? A chance? too slow.  Go round again.  The cold came early this year Or maybe it was late. But we keep going round. ... Continue Reading →

Encasement (94/101)

From here the sky doesn't appear as it should. It's grainy, begrimed, with vertical streaks that run on forever but go nowhere. Regardless how hard or fast you fly, it will knock you back. Ping. Buzz. Thud. No access. Try again. Search the ledge for an egress. Use each piece of grit as a stepping... Continue Reading →

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