What a Lovely Evening (96/101)

The varnish on the tables Polished to shine like moonstones Beneath the candles flame Dance all night and forever What is that sonata called In the tune of G Each note sprinkled through the air Falling weightless on surrounding ears Wafting through the voices Nourishment to accompany These deep reds And sweet blushes Are her... Continue Reading →

The Loop (95/101)

We can go round like this all day  but then we wont get anywhere. The grey on grey on grey swallows us all so we keep going round and round.  An opening? A chance? too slow.  Go round again.  The cold came early this year Or maybe it was late. But we keep going round. ... Continue Reading →

Encasement (94/101)

From here the sky doesn't appear as it should. It's grainy, begrimed, with vertical streaks that run on forever but go nowhere. Regardless how hard or fast you fly, it will knock you back. Ping. Buzz. Thud. No access. Try again. Search the ledge for an egress. Use each piece of grit as a stepping... Continue Reading →

Cosmoncologist Consultation (91/101)

“Look, we have been over this before.  We went over it when you were having trouble with Venus.  You didn’t take your treatment seriously and look what happened.”  “I didn’t think it was that bad.  It’s not that bad now, is it?”  “Well, Venus is still over nine hundred degrees.” “It only burns a little. ... Continue Reading →

The Addict (90/101)

  It started with an innocent recommendation.  “There’s this new site I found.” A friend had said over a cup of coffee.  She wasn’t eager to explore this new site, despite her friends enthusiasm. She had plenty of other things; productive things she could do with her time. She scoffed at the idea of anyone... Continue Reading →

Amaranthine Park (89/101)

They parked their enormous SUV in the closest empty space. He emerged first and rounded to the passengers door, opened it and held out a hand.  The woman in the passengers seat took his withered hand with her own aged claws.  He helped her lower herself onto the blacktop with slippered feet.  They shuffled along... Continue Reading →

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