I’m Not Selling Anything

I don’t sell anything here. 

There’s nothing to buy, but I do offer a story to read, maybe several if you’ve got the time.  If you see ads on the page, or in posts, they aren’t from me.  What I post on here is free and it’s only stories.  I don’t get paid for this at all.

Yeah, seriously.  You read it right.  Theres just stories to read from lil’ ‘ol me.  I post them here, they are my own, and you may read them through your eyeballs if you so choose.

What I write:
Things that I would like to read

What I don’t write:
Likable characters
Happy Endings (the Fairy Tale kind, the other kind are quite highly possible)


I also wouldn’t advise children reading these, or adults, or seniors, or anyone at all. 


This all started as a challenge to write as many stories as I could until I reached 101 totaled.  That’s what used to be in this section.
I still used the same writing prompts, but I don’t always use them in the beginning of the story.


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